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The Angel Waterfall (Curug Bidadari) is a tourist destination located in Bogor City. It is very convenient to go there from Jakarta. The scenery is amazing and it is so joyful to admire the beauty of nature at this hilly area.

According to the legend, the Angel Waterfall is the location where the Seven Angels arrived. One day, while the angels were standing at the heaven bridge, they looked down at the mortal world from the bridge and saw the waterfall. They decided to visit the location where fresh water flowed into the plunge pool.

The waterfall is about 40 meters high and 10 meters wide. Big stones stand beside the plunge pool and it is believed that it was the place where the Seven Angels hid themselves from sight while they were taking a bath.

The Curug Waterfall feels so cool and outstanding with the Pancar mountain range background. The water is from the protected forest, so it is quite clean and hygienic. It is only 13 kilometers to reach the waterfall after passing the toll booths of Sentul City. The road is wide and smooth and the tourists feel so comfortable along the journey.

People visit this location just to free their mind from stress and it doesn’t cost them much money. Everyone can enjoy the facilities by paying 30.000 rupiahs. The restaurants serve the guests with tasty food and drinks. Tourists can buy special traditional food at the food stalls (warung), such as Sumedang tofu, fried banana, etc.

There is a small swimming pool for kids and the bigger one is for adults who would like to swim together. The large swimming pool isn’t safe for children because it is about one and a half meters deep. The water coming from the Angel Waterfall is very clean and natural. There is the white sand around the swimming pool, so it looks like an artificial beach. The beautiful sand was sent from Belitung Island.

Nowadays, the swimming pool is open for international tourists and is known as Sentul Paradise Park. It is the ideal place for people living in the city to have recreation on the weekend. Besides working hard, it is necessary to have free time to enjoy yourself.

Sometimes the rainbow appears over the waterfall and it is said that the colorful rainbow is the bridge where the seven angels have walked to the plunge pool for taking a bath. Besides Heaven Bridge, there are two manmade bridges. The long bridge stretches over the rocks to the artificial bathing pool. The short bridge is the way visitors can walk to the thundering waterfall.

People can hire rubber boards to navigate the rocky water. It is very amusing and people will feel younger than ever while breathing in the fresh air. It is believed that the unpolluted air is effective to clean the human lungs and cure the tuberculosis and other evil diseases.

If the tourists feel bored at the waterfall, they can walk to the village for having a different sensation. It is comfortable to see the green grass and trees and visit the thatch houses. The villagers are very friendly to foreigners and they are always ready to help.


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